A word of advice

Just wanted to share some rules I have implemented with much success for myself regarding Pinterest.

1. Set a time limit – If you are only pinning awesome things and not taking any action, set a time limit for yourself on how much time you are ok with wasting.

2. Stick to time limit – Well, more or less.  You ought to know better than to the click the “see more pins” button if you only have 2-5 minutes left on your 8 hours of Pinterest today.

3. Dream vs. Real Life – Know the difference and pin accordingly.  That awesome looking dish that takes 18 hours to prepare, probably not going to happen.  Cutting a sandwich with a cookie cutter to make it cute – I may put forth that sort of effort.  Make boards for things you will be likely to do, and ones that you wont.
4. Do it! – I know not everyone has a problem spending hours on Pinterest, and not doing anything with those great ideas.  But for those of you that do, make something, use a tip you found, try the workout routine, do something creative with the kids…Just use the pins you find.