Its not easy being green

I have been super sick for a while now. On top of that, I broke my laptop when I was going to write up a post from my sick bed. I have no excuse (though I was really quite green for a bunch of days) but I promise I will get caught up here soon-ish and have lots of exciting blog posts on the way to you. Until then, if you have a choice I highly recomment *not* getting sick if you can help it. It is no fun at all.


Technical Difficulties

Wow!  What a week this has been.  From my camera (a.k.a. my phone) refusing to let me get my pictures off it, my laptop’s battery being dead every time I  needed to use it, and a super busy schedule due to this past weeks pin party, I have not gotten a single post up.  Today that shall be fixed.  I think…I hope.  As long as today goes smoothly, I have all of the kinks worked out.  Lots of fun stuff in store this week.  Yummy recipes, more crochet projects, and boobs (I finally took the time to measure myself and found I was in fact, wearing the wrong sized bra.  What a difference it makes to have the right size!)

Stay tuned and I will have many adventures posted this week.  I am hoping to have one up today.

A word of advice

Just wanted to share some rules I have implemented with much success for myself regarding Pinterest.

1. Set a time limit – If you are only pinning awesome things and not taking any action, set a time limit for yourself on how much time you are ok with wasting.

2. Stick to time limit – Well, more or less.  You ought to know better than to the click the “see more pins” button if you only have 2-5 minutes left on your 8 hours of Pinterest today.

3. Dream vs. Real Life – Know the difference and pin accordingly.  That awesome looking dish that takes 18 hours to prepare, probably not going to happen.  Cutting a sandwich with a cookie cutter to make it cute – I may put forth that sort of effort.  Make boards for things you will be likely to do, and ones that you wont.
4. Do it! – I know not everyone has a problem spending hours on Pinterest, and not doing anything with those great ideas.  But for those of you that do, make something, use a tip you found, try the workout routine, do something creative with the kids…Just use the pins you find.