Pinterest Addicts Unite!

First off I want to start out by saying, “Hi, my name is Autumn and I am a Pinterest addict.”  There, now, I have gotten that out of the way.

I am sure you all have heard of Pinterest, if not having fallen victim to it yourselves.  It is an awesome site.  It is essentially a “best of” for all of the websites out there.  I finally broke down and joined the Pinterest world a few months back.  It is the ultimate in making you feel creative, while sitting in your jammies and not doing a thing but surfing the web.  You can find great recipes, workout routines to make the new recipes possible, fabulous clothes to show off the new workout plan, and awesome do-it-at-home beauty secrets.  You can find new books to read, movies to watch, and places to go.  Then there is my biggest time sink, crafts.  Oh, the crafts!  You can find furniture makeovers, artwork tutorials, jewelry and clothes making, crafts on the cheap, knock-offs of high-end boutique-y stuff.  Pretty much if there is a craft out there – it will be found on Pinterest.

I knew I had a problem when 1.) my guy walked into the room and said “Pinterest?  Agian?” and 2.) I noticed I had over 3,000 pins of awesomely creative things to do and make and hadn’t made a damn one of them.
That is when I decided I needed to either give up my addiction, or justify it somehow.  Thus, my new blog.  Pinterest is a funny thing.  The time just slips past without even noticing and by the time you get up to make something neat that you have been inspired (pinspired?)to do, well….it is 4 in the morning and breaking out the electric sander is just not in the cards.  So, I ask of you, fellow (and future) Pinterest addicts, come with me on my journey through Pinterest.  Together we can laugh at the Pins I have totally failed at and rejoice in the ones I am able to nail.  What am I hoping to gain from this?  A few things really.  I am hoping to be able to move some of my pins from “need to try” to the “nailed it” or “failed it” boards.  To help others out there stuck in “pin mode” and not “do mode”. (I know I am not the only one out there.)  Because, hey, If I can do it, so can you.  And, I just don’t want to give up pinning.  It is just so much fun!


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