Meaty Chili

I love the vegan chili that I posted yesterday, but my guy feels the tomato overpowers the bean flavor.  That is one of the many reasons I make this meaty chili.  For me, this one is a little too heavy for anything outside of Winter, but it goes great to “water down” the vegan chili.

I will keep this short and sweet and get right to it.

2 1/2 – 3 lbs ground beef, the leaner the better if you are doing this crockpot style. (If you use fattier than say, 90/10 then I would brown the beef first, drain off the fat and then follow the recipe as is)

1 can black soy beans, with liquid

1/2 cup brewed coffee (I know this sounds a little weird, but it makes the flavor just amazing and if you use stew meat it makes it super tender)

1 packet (or 3 tbsp if you buy in bulk container) dry ranch dressing mix, not prepared

1/2 packet of taco seasoning (or about 1 tbsp if you make your own, which is much tastier anyway) plus 1 tbsp chili powder and 1 tbsp garlic powder

This one really couldn’t be easier either.  It is going to look a little dry, but as it cooks it will all come together and if you like yours with more juice, you can always add some beef broth to your liking.  Toss all ingredients into the stoneware of your slow cooker, cover and cook on high about 4-5 hours or 8 hours on low.

Also if you have all day to cook this, it is great with some stew meat in place of the ground beef.  I usually cut mine a little smaller than it comes packaged from the store.  I usually serve this one with some fresh diced jalapeños, a few tortilla strips, and a spoon of sour cream.

Again, this one got eaten so fast there was no time to take a picture, but it is on the menu for later this week so I will get a shot of it then.



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