Cinco De Mayo Party

So we like tequila in my house.  Cinco De Mayo seemed like a great excuse get some friends together and have some festive edibles and beverages, and that we did.  We did more of a Tex-Mex theme so it was easier to stay away from the carbs.  We had a potential visit from our vegan friends so I had to make something them-compatible.  A few friends who aren’t fond of beans, and the list goes on.  So with all of that in mind I grabbed my 3 pot slow cooker and got to work.  (Just a warning, I am addicted to my crockpots and slow cookers.)

We adore chili in my house, and it is so easy to customize it so I went with that.  I made a Vegan Chili that was really nice, a heavy on the meat light on the beans chili, and a white bean turkey chili (because we had a friend who isn’t a fan of chicken).

I am going to make this blog just about the Vegan Chili.  I also found this chili to be awesome mixed 2:1 with the Heavy on the meat chili, which makes for a really nice way to have essentially 3 different chili’s that can please most people.

Vegan Chili With Soy Beans (This is one of the most simple recipes in the world)

15 oz can Black Soy Beans, with liquid

15 oz can White Soy Beans, with liquid

20 oz diced tomatoes with green chilies, with liquid

1/2 package taco seasoning (it tastes better if you make it yourself, use about 1 TBSP)


1-2 cups corn kernels ( I love corn in chili but it raised the carb count so I tend to leave it out these days)

1 cup TVP (this is great to help soak up the broth if it has too much liquid for your liking)

Alternatively: This recipe is great in its higher carb variation.  Replace the Soy Beans (or in addition to) with 1 can each Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, and Black Beans.

Ready for the tricky part?  Put it all the stoneware for your slow cooker.  You may want to give it a quick stir.  Put the lid on, turn in on high if you want to eat it in 4 hours or so, turn it to low if you are thinking more like 8 hours.  That is it.

I like this topped with a little salsa verde, some cheese (go with vegan cheese if you are presenting this as a vegan chili)  and some crumbled tortilla chips.  This is not a spicy chili.  If you want it to have some kick, you can add some diced Serrano peppers, some jalapeño peppers or just a tablespoon or two extra of chili powder.

Pictures to come – This one didn’t last long enough for me to get any pictures of.  (None of them did actually so I will be making them all again this week.)


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