Getin Knitty With It

Na na na na na na na…Sorry I have had that song stuck in my head today.  So, I found a stash of Wool Ease that I had purchased for a project several months ago, that was abandoned.  So I had this great ball of crisp white wool yarn, a cup of coffee and an evening to myself.  Instead of doing the million or so things on my to do list, I made a scarf.  Yup, that is what I felt I needed to do.

lump of scarf

Things have been moving very fast around here.   Things have been rolling along a bit too quickly for my tastes; I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I needed something to let my brain just mush and not have to think about anything.  Thinking along those lines I had this scarf earmarked for something to make.  I figured I would sit down, play some music, sip some coffee and just knit.

Boy was I wrong.  You see this scarf is adorable, a quick knit – or it should be at least, chunky and airy at the same time.  It uses a few very simple stitches that I am comfortable with, and I just couldn’t get it to come together.  I didn’t know what was going on.  Knit, yarn over, purl to together.  I know these.  But I cast on the number called for, and ended up with one less on the next row.  What was going on?!  I think it was my first yarn over that was tripping me up.

Since I know I am quicker and better at the knit stitch than the purl stitch, I thought I would mix it up.  The directions over at Labor of Love are great.  I understood them just fine, I just couldn’t get my yarn to do what I needed it to do.  (Go check out her lovely orange scarf.  I need to get that yarn because I am just in love with hers.)

What I ended up doing was reverse her directions.  And it worked for me!  I cast on the right number, 12, and purled my way across the first row.  Purl one, yarn over and knit 2 together for the middle ten, purl the last one in the row.  Flip and repeat.

Once I was sure the reverse directions would work I stopped to admire the scarf.

Once I was sure the reverse directions would work I stopped to admire the scarf.  I think this was about 10 rows?

It knitted up so quick and nice.  I was thinking this one would be a gift but I am kind of loving the clean simple white of this scarf.  Oh man!  I hate when I make something for someone, fall in love with it, give it away, and then plan to make one for me…later.  Because I never get around to it.  I can’t be the only one who does that, can I?  At least I know I would feel worse if I kept it for me and didn’t get around to making it for the giftee.

Going to have to call this one: Nailed It – mostly!  While mine fought back, and I don’t think mine turned quite like the one she made, I love it!  I don’t usually want the same thing everyone else has anyway, so I rarely set out to make a carbon copy.  Since it turned out really cute, and I am happy with it, it goes in the win column for me.


Yes, that is the fabulous new scarf. Now I just need to pry it off of me and put in a gift box….maybe =)


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